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MULTISPORT TECHNOLOGY (MUST) has been designed both for professional athletes and enthusiasts of an active lifestyle. Our chief purpose was to create a brand of laboratory tested products for athletes representing different Olympic disciplines that would be completely safe, doping free and produce convincing results at the same.


The last thing competing athletes want to worry about are anti-doping tests. They need to be sure that the sports supplements they use will perform well and prove beneficial to their diet.

Sports supplements are widely used by ambitious and dynamic men and women. This is why the quality of our work and the safety precautions we take – using only confirmed, clinically approved ingredients of the highest quality that conform to the best manufacturing standards – make our products a viable addition to daily nutrition suitable for any type of customer.


MUST is manufactured in the EU and complies with all the legal standards, such as those specified by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA). Before reaching the shelves, each lot is additionally tested by independent accredited laboratories. We have gone so far as to provide our wholesale customers with laboratory test certificates. In the case of MUST, there is nothing to hide. 

We steer clear of any dishonest practices, such as discrepancies between nutrition facts provided on the label and the actual contents of a product. We denounce new ways of cheating, which involve using artificial boosters of certain values or alternative substitutes for the declared ingredients, which, of course, are much cheaper then the original ones, to maintain the stated nutrition facts. There are hundreds of brands on the market making different claims. Many of those claims refer to innovative products. The main value of such claims is expensive marketing, but they are of no use to customers. These so-called “revolutionary” products are usually protected by multiple trademarks, as a trademark is often a form of concealing the details of a certain blend of ingredients, which becomes a great camouflage against attempts to discredit groundless claims. Obviously, such products have to be expensive to prove their “value”, but most of all, to cover the enormous cost of their marketing. 

This situation has reached a point where companies compete in creating something we refer to as “illusory products”, promoting the idea that a “stronger” product means a “better” product. The challenge began in the 1990’s when some brands offered as much as 60 grams of protein per serving, or even more.


After 2010, a similar tendency can be observed concerning certain amino acids and other maxed-out extracts, where a notion is being promoted that the bestselling products are those that are still within the legal bounds, but which push it to the limit. This, however, is just another illusion. 

Due to growing Internet access and recent studies on nutrition, popular awareness and knowledge of sports supplementation is rapidly increasing. In the past, cosmetics and plastic surgery were treated as an unnatural intervention into the human body. Similarly, sports supplements used to be compared to illegal anabolic steroids.


Today, generally speaking, no professional-level sport discipline can exist without a proper nutrition plan including sports supplements. No wonder the trend has trickled down to ordinary sports enthusiasts. We all want to be better, look better, and feel better, not only physically but also mentally. And there is nothing wrong with it. This is a perfectly natural and healthy trend. 

The MUST products have been designed with optimal strength. These supplements give you the best results without necessarily using the highest dosages. We are aware that everyone is an individual, whose well-being is determined by their sex, body weight and goals. This is why, in our marketing materials, we present genuine advantages of each of our products.


Avoiding attractive, yet groundless, claims of fake marketing that are so common today, we challenge our competitors with honest products and never promise more than we can actually provide. We are encouraged by the belief that customers will recognize this attitude and once they try our products, they will get truly hooked on them.

The quickly growing popularity of our products is mainly based on word-of-mouth marketing. This proves that the real value of each product focuses on its price. In other words, a product is supposed to cost as much as the combined cost of its ingredients, packing and the manufacturer's daily operations. It should never include expenses generated by empty marketing hype, which can push up the price of a product by as much as 100 to 200% of its real value.


We are able to offer some of the lowest prices on the market without compromising quality. In fact, our products are often of much better quality than that offered by most of the expensive brands. Unsurprisingly, our customers do appreciate it.

Not only do we offer a wide range of sports nutrition, weight management and health products, but we also provide effective solutions. Whatever your personal aim, our focus is to provide a higher quality of life. We would like to assist you not only in purchasing the right supplements, but also in making the right dieting and training choices whenever such assistance is required. The experts behind MUST include athletes and coaches, as well as experienced scientists and nutritionists, who study the latest trends and needs of the ordinary sports enthusiast. We will not put you on cloud nine by promising you to perform miracles or heal your ailments, but we can help you challenge your goals. The combination of proper motivation, physical activity and diet, including supplements, can contribute to a healthy lifestyle. We want to be your support team to allow you to attain a life that is better, which in our terms means longer, healthier and, ultimately, happier.  

If you lack experience, do allow us to calculate everything for you. We will prepare a balanced diet with the right combination of nutrients and suggest the types of exercises that match your individual profile to help you model your body the way you want to. If you are an athlete, regardless of your level, just enjoy your results without the fear of hurting yourself. Use supplements that are safe and approved.


MUST means no secrets – you get exactly what we promise. There is no gambling or experimenting with your body while each ingredient is legal and effective. Remember that hurting yourself does not only mean sustaining a physical injury. A lack of certain nutrients may lead to physical and mental fatigue, and a loss of motivation. Overdosing could have a number of negative side effects, too. 

MUST is a brand that has not been created for a particular group of athletes, such as bodybuilders, martial artists, or runners. Our custom-designed supplements have been created for YOU! You can be sure that your body and mind will get all they need. Do not waste your time looking for brands that offer unrealistic results, especially in a short period of time. Put your trust in MUST! With us you MUST succeed. And you will!


We do believe that using sports supplements and food stuffs should be enjoyable and comfortable. This is why MUST focuses on aesthetics, delicious flavors and convenient packaging. Welcome to our world where quality, safety and economics meet fun, energy and satisfaction.

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