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powerful joint relief • inflammation reduction • mobility and flexibility • comfort and lubrication • bones, muscles and skin • longer lasting joint health


112.5 g / 90 tablets (30 servings)



Serving size: 3 tablets

Servings per container: 30

per 1 tablet

per 3 tablets

Glucosamine (sulfate 2KCI)

Hydrolyzed type II collagen

Chondroitin sulfate

Methyl sulfonyl methane (MSM)

Boswellia serrata (resin) (60% boswellic acid)


Cissus quadrangularis (50% ketosterone)

Hyaluronic acid

333 mg


167 mg


83 mg


83 mg


83 mg


50 mg


33 mg


6.7 mg

1000 mg


500 mg


250 mg


250 mg


250 mg


150 mg


100 mg


20 mg


glucosamine (sulfate 2KCI), hydrolyzed type II collagen, chondroitin sulfate, methyl sulfonyl methane (MSM), Boswellia serrata (resin) (60% boswellic acid), bromelain, Cissus quadrangularis (50% ketosterone), hyaluronic acid, bulking agent: microcrystalline cellulose, bulking agent: sodium carboxymethyl starch, anticaking agent: magnesium stearate, anticaking agent: silicon dioxide.


Take 3 tablets once a day with any meal.


Joints, made up mostly of collagen and calcium phosphate, and bonded together with ligaments, hold the body together through bones and provide flexible movement thanks to a smooth, elastic tissue called cartilage, which is covered with synovium and lubricated by the synovial fluid and hyaluronic acid. The lubricant and the rubber-like cartilage make up a kind of cushion which eliminates any friction of bones rubbing together. The matrix of cartilage is made up of chondrin and composed of cells called chondrocytes, by which it is nourished through diffusion (as it has no blood vessels or nerves) during compression of the articular cartilage or flexion of the elastic cartilage. However, the production of the matrix, which contains proteoglycan and elastin fibers, is relatively slow and cartilage does not repair itself, with the exception of a very young age. The amounts of proteoglycan and collagen identify the type of cartilage – elastic cartilage, hyaline cartilage or fibrocartilage. The hyaline cartilage is the most important as far as joints are concerned and is made up mostly of type II collagen. Since chondrocytes cannot migrate, damage to hyaline cartilage might end up with surgery, including generation of new cartilage or even joint replacement. The ECM (extracellular matrix) plays an important role in the functioning of articular cartilage. Proteoglycan – “core protein” with covalently attached GAG (glycosaminoglycan) chains (e.g. chondroitin sulfate) – forms aggregates with hyaluronan, which is negatively charged and holds water in the tissue, while collagen (mostly type II), the main structural protein, constrains proteoglycans. A functional interplay exists between the collagen network and the hydrated proteoglycans.

Healthy joints, be it ball and socket, hinge or a gliding one, are responsible for the body’s mobility, so their maintenance is very important to enjoy life, remain physically active, or do sports, especially at the professional level. Injuries in sports are very common, but they also happen during other activities and include fractures, strains or tears, which cause short or long term pains in the back, knees, wrists or shoulders. Most of us have experienced such conditions. Moreover, diseases, such as arthritis, bursitis or osteomyelitis, just to mention a few, can make your life miserable and lead to health degradation.

“It is better to prevent than to cure,” which is why Multisport Technologies has created MUST ARTHRO FORTE. Once joints become vulnerable to diseases, which also happens as we age, a healthy lifestyle in itself, including physical activity like aerobics, swimming, stretching prior to weight lifting, a healthy diet and maintaining proper body weight, may not always be sufficient. When engaging in strenuous activities, such as tennis, javelin, triple jumping or powerlifting, which put pressure on the wrists, elbows, knees, or back, you need to be ahead of the game to prevent injury.

MUST ARTHRO FORTE uses only clinically tested and approved ingredients which can bring real help to your joints, such as glucosamine sulfate, which is absorbed better than HCL and which relieves symptoms of osteoarthritis and exerts an anti-inflammatory action. Hydrolyzed type II collagen participates in bone and joint health, e.g it alleviates osteoarthritic or rheumatoid arthritis. As we age, we should replenish it and build cartilage in the knees, hips, shoulders and in the entire body to prevent muscles and skin from sagging. When bones and joints become weaker, type II collagen helps prevent pain in the knees, back, neck and other body parts. Chondroitin sulfate is used, along with glucosamine, for treating osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, joint pain caused by medication, and a bone disease called Kashin-Beck disease. It can also prevent cartilage from breaking down and stimulate its repair mechanisms. MSM can improve the quality of your life by further reducing joint pain thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties and by that facilitate muscle recovery after intense exercises. Boswellia serrata is another effective anti-inflammatory agent and painkiller used in treating OA (osteoarthritis) and RA (rheumatoid arthritis), as well as IBD (inflammatory bowel disease). Bromelain reduces tissue swelling, pain, and joint stiffness. Cissus quadrangularis* has an ability to reduce inflammation, soothe pain, ease menstrual issues, strengthen bones, and protect teeth. Rose hips* contain certain bioactive compounds, such as phenols, ascorbic acid (vitamin C), beta-carotene, tannins, and pectins, all of which help curb oxidative stress and inflammation, prevent cartilage erosion, and increase immunity. Hyaluronic acid preserves bone strength and relieves joint pain by keeping bones well lubricated.

Many of the ingredients also feature numerous skin benefits and are used in aesthetic medicine for the treatment of skin laxity, wrinkles, and cellulite, just to mention a few. Bones and joints are the foundation of the body while, in a long run, proper maintenance will even allow you to lift heavier, jump further and higher, and hit and throw more strongly. If you wish to challenge your best version and stay healthy, put your trust in MUST ARTHRO FORTE.

* This product is available in two versions. One includes Cissus quadrangularis, but does not include rose hips. The other includes rose hips without Cissus quadrangularis.

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