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 características principales:

toxin removal optimization • reduced risk of diseases and cancer • increased immune activity • strength and endurance • powerful antioxidants • helps to control appetite • promotes digestive wellness


72 g / 90 comprimidos • 30 raciones


comprimidos (sin sabor)



cantidad para una ración: 3 comprimidos

raciones por envase: 30


por 1 comprimido

por 3 comprimidos


Psyllium husk (Plantago psylium L.)


166,7 mg

166,7 mg

166,7 mg

500 mg

500 mg

500 mg


chlorella, psyllium husk, spirulina, bulking agent: microcrystalline cellulose, bulking agent: sodium carboxymethyl starch, anticaking agent: magnesium stearate, bulking agent: hydroxypropyl methylcellulose (HPMC), emulsifier: polyethylene glycol.

recomendaciones de uso: 

Take 3 tablets a day.


The aim of detoxification, i.e. removal of toxic substances from the body, is to regain the most optimal functioning of the entire system. No-one can claim that their body is free from all substances that damage it. Apart from intentional drug or alcohol abuse, susceptibility to chemical contamination in the workplace, etc., we are all prone to being attacked by harmful parasites and microorganisms. When fighting some illnesses, we use strong medicines, which, again, contain toxins and may cause harmful effects. Of course, our immune system has an ability to fight them back, depending on its efficiency, but it is commonly known that it can decrease under various conditions.

MUST provides research-supported diet supplements manufactured with your health in mind. We promote wellness and personal comfort, always use the highest quality ingredients, follow new trends, create innovative products, and educate our customers, considering their individual needs, and providing solutions to enable them to enjoy healthier lifestyles.

Although there are no miracle exercises, diets or pills to cure every illness or guarantee perfect health, maintaining a healthy lifestyle will help you attain the best and healthiest version of yourself.

MUST DETOX SPORT is a formula that provides three active ingredients, i.e. chlorella, psyllium husk and spirulina, all in the right doses. Chlorella, an algae, has many health benefits. Besides ridding our bodies of toxins, it helps remove heavy metals and other harmful compounds. It also contains many nutrients, including vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and omega-3 fats, which in turn provide some protection against chronic diseases, such as diabetes and respiratory diseases (e.g. asthma) by lowering blood sugar levels and reducing inflammation. Moreover, it may help promote the health of the heart and kidneys, which has an impact on correct blood pressure. Psyllium husk, also called ispaghula, is made from the seed husks of the plantago ovata plant and considered a prebiotic fiber. It mostly contains soluble fiber which helps relieve constipation, treat diarrhea, and regulate cholesterol, triglycerides and blood sugar levels. It may boost satiety and assist in weight loss, while being linked to a reduced risk of heart disease. It can also relieve the painful symptoms associated with ulcerative colitis, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), Crohn’s disease, hemorrhoids, and anal fissures. Spirulina, this blue-green algae, is rich in nutrients, such as vitamins (mostly B1 and B2), minerals (especially copper, iron, magnesium, potassium, and manganese), and omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, which makes it a powerful antioxidant and gives it anti-inflammatory properties. It can lower “bad” LDL and triglyceride levels and protect from oxidation. Furthermore, it may help lower blood pressure, which, if high, might lead to many diseases, affecting especially the heart and kidneys, and increase the hemoglobin content of red blood cells, thus improving the immune function and reducing anemia. It may also provide multiple exercise benefits, including increased endurance and muscle strength, as it minimizes exercise-induced oxidative damage.

Although your body has its own way of eliminating carcinogenic chemicals through the liver, kidneys, digestive system, skin and lungs, by taking MUST DETOX SPORT you can optimize your own natural detoxification system, helping your body fight oxidative stress caused by excess levels of free radicals. In addition, such antioxidants as vitamins A, C, and E, selenium, lutein, and zeaxanthin, which are found in MUST MULTI SPORT, ensure quality sleep, which, with the help of MUST SLEEP SPORT, allows your body to eliminate toxins too.

Living a healthy lifestyle, i.e. following a diet consisting of foods that are low in fat and sugar, avoiding processed foods, hydrating the body properly and supporting it with physical activity and such products as MUST DETOX SPORT will improve your overall health. Good health is what we are all concerned about. It is something you simply MUST have.

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