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CFM protein shake • lean muscle mass • greater strength • 66 g protein daily • no GMO • doping free • aspartame free • gluten free • soy free • suitable for vegetarians • high protein content • high biological value • low fat and no sugar added • high in BCAA and glutamine • unbeatable value for money


2 kg (64.5 servings) • 5 kg (161 servings)


chocolate • strawberry • vanilla


serving size: 1 scoop (31 g)

servings per container: 64.5 / 161

per 1 serving (31 g)


per 100 g




Total fat

  of which saturated fat

Total carbohydrate

  of which sugars




539/491† kJ

128/116† kcal

2.4/2.5† g

  1 g

4.5/4.7† g

 1.6 g

22/21.7† g

0.44/0.53† g


6 %

3.4/3.6† %

  5 %

1.7/1.8† %

 1.8 %

44/43.4† %

7.3/8.8† %

1738/1728† kJ

411/409† kcal

7.7/8.1† g

  3.2 g

14.5/14† g

 5.2 g

71/70† g

1.43/1.71† g


21 %

11/11.6† %

  16 %

5.6/5.4† %

 5.8 %

142/140† %

24/28.5† %

80/77† mg

10/9.6† %

258/248† mg

 32.3/31† %

* %NRV – Nutrient reference values for an average adult (8 400 kJ/2 000 kcal)

† Chocolate flavour only 


whey blend (ultra and micro-filtered whey protein concentrate, cross-flow cold-filtered whey protein isolate, hydrolysed whey protein isolate), thickening agent: carob powder (for chocolate flavour only), natural and artificial flavours, emulsifier: soy lecithin, thickening agent: guar gum, thickening agent: cellulose gum, natural colour: carmine (for strawberry flavour only), sweetening agent: sucralose, sweetening agent: acesulfame K.


For adults, mix one (1) rounded scoop (31 g) of MUST WHEY SPORT in 6-8 oz (about 220 ml) of your favorite beverage (water, milk, juice, etc.). Blend in a blender, shake in a shaker or stir with a spoon in a glass until smooth (usually 20-30 s). For best results consume two or three scoops of MUST WHEY SPORT spread throughout the day in conjunction with your training regimen.     


MUST WHEY SPORT is a benchmark in sports nutrition quality – perfect for Olympic competitors, casual gym goers and those less active, looking for a healthy, balanced diet. This innovative creation, obtained using modern whey processing methods, such as cross-flow microfiltration (CFM), micro-filtration and ultra-filtration, offers the best quality possible. Consequently, what you get is a superior low fat and low sugar dietary product containing a high percentage of BCAA-rich protein. By supporting your immune system, you invest in better health. MUST WHEY SPORT is perfect for adding quality mass and increasing strength. It can be used during a weight reduction cycle or a post-injury recovery period. A high amount of glutamine helps prevent muscle breakdown and promotes the anti-catabolic effect. Greater stimulation of protein synthesis may speed up recovery and help the body to adapt to stress.* You can get all of these benefits and savor the aromas of delicious flavours without draining your pocket unnecessarily, as the cost of each serving is lower than that of a cup of coffee. Satisfy your cravings. A MUST TO TRY!


* Ha E, Zemel MB (May 2003). "Functional properties of whey, whey components, and essential amino acids: mechanisms underlying health benefits for active people (review)". J. Nutr. Biochem. 14 (5): 251–8. doi:10.1016/S0955-2863(03)00030-5. PMID 12832028.  

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